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The solar energy belongs to the inexhaustible energy sources. Its usage does not have any negative impact on the environment. The amount of the accessible energy depends on climate conditions of individual parts of the earth’s surface. It may be well used not only in the areas with a long sunshine, but also in the areas with a higher seal-level altitude.

Solar Panels

Single Crystal and Polycrystalline Solar Panels

We deliver CERTIFIED (IEC 61215) solar photovoltaic panels from 5W up to 160W (240W shall be delivered soon) also in the number for the wholesale.

Bilateral Solar PV Panels

The TRAXLE photovoltaic (PV) solar system very effectively combines the TRAXLE Solar trackers and the bilateral TRAXLE c-Si single crystal photovoltaic modules, which may make an increase in the energy generated by up to 55% higher in comparison with the stationary PV systems. Seasonally the increase in the energy generated may be up to 75%.

Operational Temperature of Bilateral Photovoltaic Panels

Both the bilateral and unilateral photovoltaic panels are delivered by the same manufacturers. The panel constructions are very similar, the only differences may be the rear contacts in of a grid shape and the transparent glass on the rear sides of the bilateral panels. The temperature of the solar cells was determined based on the voltage temperature dependence of the off-load photovoltaic panel during the defined lighting.

In the course of our measurements the bilateral photovoltaic panels (c-Si) and the unilateral panels (c-Si) were compared. The measurement was carried out in summer before noon with the 1.5 multiplied radiation concentration, wind under v<1m.s-1 and with the surrounding air temperature of t=22°C. The operational temperature of the bilateral panels was of t=41°C, which was by 12°C lower than the operational temperature of the unilateral panel of t=53°C.

Comparison of Standard Photovoltaic Elements and TRAXLE products

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