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The solar energy belongs to the inexhaustible energy sources. Its usage does not have any negative impact on the environment. The amount of the accessible energy depends on climate conditions of individual parts of the earth’s surface. It may be well used not only in the areas with a long sunshine, but also in the areas with a higher seal-level altitude.

Ridge Concentrators

In the photovoltaic industry, a concentrator is a mirror that reflects additional sun radiation to the solar panels. By this, the solar panels get more light and produce more electricity. The concentrators can be produced from various materials such as stainless steel, aluminum alloys, silver coated polymers or silver coated hardened glass.

New Tracking Ridge Concentrator

The principle of the tracking stand keeping the solar panels in the perpendicular position towards the solar radiation all day long is described on the site “Solar Trackers”.

Usage of such a stand considerably enhances the amount of the energy generated. Another increase in the energy generation may be reached by the application of the Sun radiation concentrators.

However, the current concentrators had certain disadvantages, which have been removed by the new configuration of the whole solar system.

More information about the tracking ridge concentrator

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