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The solar energy belongs to the inexhaustible energy sources. Its usage does not have any negative impact on the environment. The amount of the accessible energy depends on climate conditions of individual parts of the earth’s surface. It may be well used not only in the areas with a long sunshine, but also in the areas with a higher seal-level altitude.

Solar Trackers

The Solar Tracker is a device capable of turning after the Sun, which means following the Sun’s track from its rising in the east to its setting in the west. The TRAXLE Solar Tracker is a construction consisting of aluminum profiles and of a stainless material. The photovoltaic panels are attached to this construction. Because the Solar Tracker turns after the Sun all day long, the solar panels are set to face the Sun directly all day long, and so is their performance substantially enhanced.

Technical Solution

The technical solution of the TRAXLE Solar Tracker is unique, with two patents issued, valid world-wide. The main TRAXLE load-bearing part is either an aluminum or stainless material pipe oriented slantwise on the north/south axis. The arms with photovoltaic panels are attached to the pipe. The pipe has a built-in DC motor which turns the entire assembly by means of the worm gear unit. The motor is powered by a small photovoltaic module attached to the bottom part of the pipe. This module is mounted perpendicularly towards the sun and contains the Photovoltaic cells on both sides. The TRAXLE Solar Tracker turns to that side of the small photovoltaic module being exposed to the Sun.

Advantages of TRAXLE Solar Tracker

  • It enhances the photovoltaic modules performance by 30%
  • It enhances the water pumps performance by 70%
  • Robust construction from stainless material and aluminum profiles
  • Easy installation, unattended operation
  • No maintenance of the assembly required
  • Works even in winter
  • Self-locking gear protects against the gusty winds.
  • Scalability of systems of different sizes

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