Privacy and Security

All data received from visitors for registration or competitions are considered to be personal and are protected under Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on Personal Data Protection. The operator undertakes not to divulge visitors' personal data to any third party.

A registered visitor may cancel his or her registration at any time. He or she may do so via the registration form after registering in the protected area on the website. If you cancel registration all data on the user is deleted, and all priorities relating thereto are lost.

Some data on visitors are automatically collected during the course of visits for statistical purposes. These involve IP address, operating system, browser version and computer screen resolution. These data are then used to maintain statistics and to further develop the company's website http://www.solar-solar.com/

Some parts of the website use "Cookies" files for identification. !Cookies" are small text files which are saved on the visitor's computer. The files are generally used by the relevant server, which can then identify the user who has visited the pages (e.g. http://www.solar-solar.com/ ). "Cookies" also make it possible to monitor his or her behaviour so that advertising campaigns can be better targeted, for example. "Cookies" are not programs that can damage the visitor's computer. Most Internet browsers allow you to exclude the use of "Cookies". "Cookies" pages that are not accepted by the browser might not always function properly, however.

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