Photovoltaic systems TRAXLE

The solar energy belongs to the inexhaustible energy sources. Its usage does not have any negative impact on the environment. The amount of the accessible energy depends on climate conditions of individual parts of the earth’s surface. It may be well used not only in the areas with a long sunshine, but also in the areas with a higher seal-level altitude.

Off-grid and on-grid Photovoltaic systems

The TRAXLE photovoltaic(PV) solar system is a very effective combination of the TRAXLE Solar Trackers and of the TRAXLE bilateral c-Si single crystal photovoltaic modules.

This may cause an increase in the electric energy generated by up to 55% in comparison with the stationary photovoltaic systems. Seasonally (in summer) this increase in the amount of the energy generated may make up to 75%. The TRAXLE pumping system with bilateral panels may even double the amount of the water pumped, for example being used for drinking or for irrigation purposes.

Comparison of Standard and TRAXLE photovoltaic system

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