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Installation Guides

Installation and Maintenance Instructions
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Final Checklist
List of points of the control prior launching the operation.

Installation Terms and Conditions

1) Parts mentioned in the attached list should be in the transport package.

2) TRAXLETM [1] should be with the orientation to the north-south direction. There should be no shielding (trees, other devices, etc.)in the surrounding environment from 6 a.m. to ^ p.m.

3) TRAXLETM [1] should be affixed to the stand [3]. Note: a) The stand [3] is not a part of the standard delivery. b) Different types of stands may be used. (for example post-mounted holders)

4) The TRAXLETM inclination [1] should be set in accordance with the local geographical latitude. (The inclination of the horizontal layout should be of 2-5o).

5) The spar [4] should be mounted to the TRAXLETM [1]. The A journal on the upper spar profile should be affixed in the A hole bored in the TRAXLETM [1]. The lateral "L" profiles [7] should be affixed to the spars [4]. (TRAXLETM longer than 3.5 m.)

6) The collectors [6] should be mounted to the spars [4]. The solar collectors must be well balanced. (See details in the Operational Manual and in the Fig. ”BALANCING“.). The solar collectors must already be very well balanced during the assembly. In the course of the assembly keep the difference on both sides always of one panel as the maximum.

7) The supporting solar panel [2] should be affixed to the TRAXLETM [1]. The B pivot on the supporting solar panel [2] shall be affixed in the B hole bored into the TRAXLETM [1]. The connector shall be interconnected. The connection of any other subjects to the connector is strictly forbidden.

8) The output cable [8] It shall affixed to the TRAXLETM and not to the spar. The flexible loop shall be placed on the output axis.

9) The photo/video halogen reflector 300W ( not the infrared one) may be applied for testing the movement of the complete system between the east and west marginal positions . The distance between the bulb and the supporting solar panel [2] must be at least of 300 mm (so as to prevent any extreme heating). The angle of the movement shall exceed 90o.

Installation and Maintenance Instructions

DESCRIPTION OF ASSEMBLY – The whole mechanism is formed by one TraXle(1) mobile unit, equipped with the primary solar panel (2) having a double function. It delivers the energy to the DC motor in accordance with the Sun’s movements in the sky. The motor is placed in the moving unit. Both ends of the axis are tightened as prevention against the dust mechanism and vapours exposure. Thus, the long-term service life and operation with the minimum of maintenance shall be guaranteed even in the worst conditions. The solar collectors are placed on the spars (4), being attached to the moving axis by means of the U-straps (5).

OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE – Thanks to the unique construction of the tracking unit no maintenance shall be necessary during regular operation. The consequence of the natural movement of the whole assembly any usual cleaning of the solar connectors such as in the case of stationery collectors shall be necessary. Only with the extremely rough climate conditions some maintenance and cleaning of collectors and of the mobile system shall be necessary from time to time. In particular the U-straps holding the spars (4) and anchorage must be checked regularly so as to assure that they are not loosened. In particular, the affixing holding the ends of the mobile axis must be drawn up extremely well.

BACKLASH (tracking accuracy) - the TRAXLE usually oscillates with the backlash in the range of + 10o (however not vakl + 2o at the beginning of the function). This is the standard assembly operational mode. The backlash together with the new self-locking gears predestinates the assembly to the work even in the very strong wind, where other assemblies would not be able of working reliably. In the afternoon the vibrating spar shall be bumping into the stand being provided with plastic buffers. Later, the spar shall be pressed towards the stand (night vibrations are significantly suppressed).

DEFECTS IN OPERATION – If the tracker stops, it may be possible that it has become mechanically blocked or unbalanced. In such a case the connection and the angle of the solar panel with the controlling unit has to be checked and the defaults rectified. Should the control panel be damaged, it must be replaced with another one in accordance with the instructions. Any potential damage of the primary system is to be consulted with the manufacturer. In no case try to correct the defect related to the primary system yourself.


TraXle (1) Seawater resistant aluminum alloy
Output gripping Standard stainless steel (ČSN 17 241)
Spar (4) Seawater resistant aluminum alloy
Fixing Standard stainless steel (ČSN 17 241)

RESPECTING THE SAFETY – The space around the solar system is to be fenced off so as the animals and unauthorized people, in particular children, may not get access to it.. Concurrently, the fence shall ease off the wind gusts. The grappling must resist even the worst local weather conditions. More than 0.1m3 of concrete per each square meter of the area of the solar panels. Safety coefficient >2!

All installation must be in compliance with the local general public notices!
The entire responsibility for any damage, injury of people or disagreement with the local public notices are to be carried by the buyer/ installer.
The placement of a well visible warning “Be Aware of Electric Device” is recommended.

BALANCING – In order to assure a good performance of the unit it must be well balanced. An imperfect balancing shall cause the decrease in the performance and reliability (WARRANTY). The vertical X axis must be with the spar centroid placed on the Traxle axis or slightly ca 1-5 mm below the axis. The distance washer thickness depends on the type of the solar panels. The Fig.1 shows the impact of the distance washers on the balancing of the complete system. The distance washers are elements of the TraXle kit and they should always be applied in accordance with the Installation Instructions. Concurrently, the panel has to be affixed equidistantly to the Y axis so as to assure the balancing. The panels must be of the same type and of the same weight on both TraXle sides. The connection of any subjects to the spar that might be causing an imbalance of the system is forbidden. The pre-bored holes may be requested for in the order and they shall be adjusted to the mentioned type of the panels.

Fig.1 Impact of Distance Washers on Balancing During System Tilting


Poulek Solar, s.r.o. ‘ s liability is limited to the defects appearing during the period of one (1) year from the purchase order. Poulek Solar, s.r.o. shall repair the defects of the assembly caused by the material or mechanism imperfections should the assembly have been installed and operated in the usual way. Potential works and own encroachments in the assembly makes the warranty terms and conditions invalid.

The defective element must be delivered to the sender to the manufacturer together with the copy of the invoice in the course of the warranty period. The element must be in the original condition, without any amendments and adjustments which would make the warranty invalid.

Poulek Solar, s.r.o. shall not be liable for defects of the assembly caused as a consequence of the following:

  • Damage caused by unsuitable installation (in particular of incorrect balancing).
  • Damage caused by improper usage, unsuitable bedding or maintenance.
  • Damage to the product as a consequence of natural disasters, such as strong gales frost cover, storms or other disasters.
  • Damage caused by a higher number of the photovoltaic panels set out than recommended or by an unsuitable panel type.
  • Damage caused by unsuitable package of the delivery returned.
  • Damage caused by chemical conditions.


Technical Data

Weight of tracker Max. 8 kg/m2
Standard size 1-15m2 (0.1-2 kW)
Length of TRAXLE 2-7 m
Weight of collectors Max. 20 kg/m2
Tracking accuracy +10° (AM 1.5)
Backlash (at the beginning of the function) +2o
Tracking angle Max.120o
Max. static torque 500-1.500 N.m
Area related torque 2 N.m/m2 (AM 1.5)
Maximal wind speed 140 km/h
Spar (4) Seawater resistant aluminum alloy
Backtracking time 7 min.
Temperature range -30+80oC
Water& dust protection IP67

List of Attached Elements

The basic system delivery is adjusted to the N pieces of the PV modules and includes :

1 piece TRAXLE [1], 100mm diameter
1 piece control panel [2]
N/2+1 pieces spar [4] "U" and/or “L“ aluminum profiles
N/2+1 pieces M6 U-strap [5] –diameter of 100mm (for the spars fixing to the TRAXLE)
4N pieces distance pipe with the diameter of 12mm . The pipe shall be inserted between the spar and the PV panel (see Installation Instructions)
4N pieces M6x40 (DIN 933) screws, nuts and washers (for screwing up the PV panels to the spars)
2 pieces "L" aluminum profiles [7] (adjusting the PV modules-see Installation Instructions). Only with the TRAXLE longer than 3.5m.
N + 2 pieces M6x16 (DIN 933) screws, nuts and washers (for screwing up the spar and "L" aluminum profiles). Only with the TRAXLE longer than 3.5m.

Other parts included in the delivery of complete system:

2 pieces M6 U-strap –diameter of 23mm (for fixing the output pipe with the diameter of 70mm to the "stand")
4 pieces M6 nuts (DIN 6923) and washers (for affixing the output pipe to the "stand")
3 pieces anchors (for fixing the tripod to the underlay)
2 pieces stand (”feet“) [3] aluminum "U" profiles (Output TRAXLE axis is affixed to the stand.)
3 pieces anchoring “U“ profiles with M8 screws, washers and nuts (crossing between the stand and the anchor)

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