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We produce and deliver the TRAXLE products - stands for solar energy collectors, both stationary and mobile tracking automatically the Sun’s movements in the sky and turning the solar panels perpendicularly to the direction of the solar radiation all day long.

Why to Make Use of Solar Energy ? – Advantages of Solar Energy

The price of the energy has been persistently rising. Get free from the dependence of the nonrenewable sources, generate the energy FREE!

  • The only energy available everywhere and completely FREE, the solar systems are functional even without any direct sunshine
  • The opportunity of absolute energy independence
  • Harmless towards the environment
  • Up to 50% cost coverage by governmental grants and soft loans
  • Investments in solar systems provides valorization of your immovable
  • The service life of collectors is of 30 years, significantly longer than with usual heating systems
  • Governmental grants directed at the solar energy support in some countries

The solar energy may be relatively well used in the regions not only with the long sunshine period but also in those with higher sea-level altitudes.

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